How do we accept payment?

I accept credit cards for deposits only. For final payment, I will accept Zelle, Cash, or Cash App. We also offer financing through “Terrace Pets” Thank You.

What breeds do you breed?

I focus on Yorkshire Terriers and Biewers, those breeds are very similar. I also breed Imperial Shih Tzu’s.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we have a “Health Guarantee”. Please read through it completely. Thank you.

What size are your puppies full grown?

My puppies vary in size full grown. Most of our puppies stay around 5 lbs full-grown. I do frequently get some tiny ones in a litter. I have been breeding for many years, and do my best to chart weights, but I cannot give a guarantee on adult size. Thank you.

Where are you located?

Stellar Stardust Babydolls is in Chicago!! I love it here in Chicago, Illinois. I am so excited to continue to offer some of the most beautiful babydoll-faced pups to my wonderful clients.

Do you have any other payment options, or a 3rd party to handle payment to guarantee I receive my puppy?

Yes, check out our Camlist flyer on our home page. You can pay with card, have payment protection, and arrange 12 month payment schedule, just ask me about camlist!

Do you dock tails?

I  no longer dock tails.
This is an excerpt from the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Q: Is tail docking painful?
A: Tailing docking is painful.25 The intensity or duration of the pain under ideal or typical circumstances is difficult to quantify. Painful procedures conducted in the neonatal period when the nervous system is vulnerable can result in negative long-term changes which affect how pain is processed and perceived later in life.26,27
Q: Why does AVMA policy oppose cosmetic tail docking?
A: The essential question is not “How harmful is the procedure?”, but rather “Is there sufficient justification for performing it?” Performing a surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes (i.e., for the sake of appearance) implies the procedure is not medically indicated. Because dogs have not been shown to derive self-esteem or pride in appearance from having their tails docked (common reasons for performing cosmetic procedures on people), there is no obvious benefit to our patients in performing this procedure. The only benefit that appears to be derived from cosmetic tail docking of dogs is the owner’s impression of a pleasing appearance. In the opinion of the AVMA, this is insufficient justification for performing a surgical procedure.